Have got an apartment for rent,

but don't know where to start?

Our team works with you every step along the way to ensure that you will have a stable passive income from your property!

We are passionate about delivering incredible results that turn your apartment on the Adriatic Sea into the unique place, where everything works properly, inside is always clean and joyful.

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Which service do we provide?

In the real estate field, trust management is a process of giving responsibilities for your apartment to the intermediary. In this case, we are the intermediary who will be able to give your apartment for rent. We are taking care of all processes happening on Booking, Airbnb, Facebook etc. Also, we maintain cleanliness and always take care of all guests.

We are pleased to provide you with a car rent service. The vehicles of our trusted partners are regularly inspected and are guaranteed to be kept in top condition. Most of them are diesel, which allows you to use less fuel and save petrol. We also provide transfers to the various destinations and individual routes!

Trust Management


Rent a Car

We can help you to fully equip your apartment with modern furniture which has a perfect balance of price and quality. Our services include installation and connection of facilities. We are performing electrical, plumbing and painting works accurately and with dedication to our high standards.

How will you earn money?

Why should you choose us?

All your activities related to the property will be available for monitoring in the form of photo and video reports. We also provide receipts if equipment has been purchased or replaced. We are on the phone 24/7, so you will always stay up-to-date. That makes all processes completely transparent. You can always discuss with us and participate in changing your flat for the better, make adjustments and suggestions to our work.

We treat all properties with care and warmth, constantly checking their technical condition and making sure that flats are clean and tidy. Our attention is not only directed to the beautiful picture on social networks, the main value is to keep all things in order. Our goal is that both owners and guests feel comfortable. If the problem occurs we will immediately inform the owner and fix the unusable parts with new and functional ones.

Reliable and transparent service

Deep understanding of our values

Quality and attention to details

We understand the value of buying property, as we ourselves are owners of apartments in Albania and abroad, with our own experience of managing and supervising their letting remotely and in person. With this knowledge we will safeguard your investment and maximise it. We are interested in ensuring that the apartments are bringing a stable income and giving you confidence in the trustworthiness of your investment